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Precision Psychiatry

About Precision Psychiatry

Precision psychiatry uses the most advanced evidence-based methods of patient assessment to provide the most accurate treatment options for every individual that we treat.  At PivotCare Precision Psychiatry, board-certified nurse practitioners are trained in both medicine and  psychiatry  and are  passionate about supporting our  patients as they pivot away from a rocky path and embrace the possibility of  a happy, hopeful, and meaningful new life direction. Call the Duxbury  or Hingham, Massachusetts office or schedule your consultation online today.

Precision Psychiatry Q & A

What is precision psychiatry?

Precision psychiatry is a leading-edge method of highly personalized mental health treatment. True to its name, precision psychiatry is all about the  integration of a whole health approach  with accuracy in mental and behavioral health care diagnostics, not labels. 

Precision psychiatry evaluates  a patient’s individual genes, environment, and lifestyle that includes nutrition and relationships.

After a thoughtful  consultative evaluation, our highly experienced team of mental health professionals can determine precisely what our patients need to get the most from their treatment, thereby reducing  chances of  maladaptive behaviors or a condition recurrence.

We pivot our patients towards improving multiple facets of  their life , using labratory testing, nutrition evaluation , various forms of psychotherapy , DBT/CBT, inlcuding  precision perfomance coaching as well as Neuropsychological  for testing and specialty MD /NP referrals including offring IV's for phamraceutical grade nutrition supplements. 

What are the benefits of precision psychiatry?

Precision psychiatry is transforming the field of mental health care today, with two of its biggest benefits being:

1. Treatment Accuracy

The average patient tries at least two or three psychiatric medications. They may struggle with frustrating side effects or a lack of results. 

If a medication doesn’t work, precision psychiatry recognizes that the problem isn’t necessarily that the medication is “bad,” but rather that it doesn’t work with that particular patient’s biochemistry. 

Precision psychiatry uses genetic testing to look closely at your biochemistry and evaluate how a number of different medications would work for you. It finds the right drug, the correct dosage, and the proper times to take it. This type of accuracy has never been possible until recently, so it’s a huge move forward in the world of psychiatry. 


2.Treatment Speed

Mental health medications usually take a few weeks to work. This might be bearable when a patient tries the first drug, but if it doesn’t work, they could wait months for relief as they try others.

Precision psychiatry can keep that wait to a bare minimum. The first drug is the one chosen specifically for you, so you can feel confident as you start it. we monitor drug interactions and other physiological responses 


How are precision psychiatry and collaborative primary care related ?

Collaborative primary care is mental and behavioral health care in conjunction with primary medical care. Your PivotCare Precision Psychiatry provider  collaborates with your primary care provider, sharing vital medical information to better coordinate and plan your mental health treatment while supporting your general health needs. 

Because collaborative primary care relies upon detailed information from both providers, it’s a natural fit with precision psychiatry. Thanks to precision psychiatry, your mental health provider has the most detailed picture of your biopsychosocial health possible, and this can also help guide your general medical care.  We integrate our efforts with  current concepts of whole health inlcudes your Brain health 

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